On May 29th 2019, I was invited by Dr. Fadia Dakka to present my current research on rhythmanalysis and adult education at the Chasing Rhythm: Encounters at the Edge of Academic and Epistemological Traditions conference, held at Birmingham City University. This was a great opportunity for me to introduce my current reflections around the temporalities of adult education and the rhythmic dimensions of adult development, transformative processes and lifelong learning.

Below, the link to the video recording of my lecture. Additional videos of the very stimulating presentations proposed throughout this day can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA48VtqO8KefP1zNs8kbyY3uFnRx1ZjmU

My presentation is organized according to the following structure:

Part I: Background of my reflection

  • Educational biography and transformative processes

  • Conceiving transformations as rhythmic processes

  • Three criteria to define rhythmic phenomena

Part II: Envisioning rhythmanalysis from an educational perspective

  • How to conceive the aims of rhythmanalysis from an educational perspective?

  • What could be the focus of rhythmanalysis from an educational perspective?

  • How to conceive rhythmanalysis as a method in education?