Experiencing and Interpreting the World as a Rhythmanalyst

Most of my current research revolves around the experience of time, from an educational perspective: how do people conceive the temporalities that shape the ways they develop themselves? How do they learn to negotiate the complementary and conflicting rhythms that shape their everyday life? Since I started doing research around educational temporalities, both from biographical and socio-historical perspectives, I became fascinated by the notion of rhythmanalysis. As I conceive it, this notion refers to the development of a specific critical capacity grounded in temporal and rhythmic awareness. After many years of practical and theoretical explorations, which led to the publication of Time and the Rhythms of Emancipatory Education (Routledge, 2017), I felt the need to question more systematically what is at stake when considering the implementation of rhythmanalysis from an educational perspective. Privileging an auto-ethnographical approach, this blog constitutes both a research and a communication tool to pursue and to share my current reflections around time and rhythms in education. On the one hand, it is a 'sandbox' that helps me elaborating aspects of my research that will appear in my next book. On the other hand, the aim of this blog is also to share with students, practitioners and researchers insights about the practical and theoretical issues inherent to the development of a capacity to interpret, question and challenge how people experience time in the everyday life. This blog is a work-in-progress; please, feel free to post comments and submit your questions!